ChartWolves - The Crypto Trading WolfPack!

It’s a wild world out there in crypto… fun, exciting but equally daunting and dangerous, Whether you are brand new to the crypto space or you’re looking for a family that has your back we want to Invite you to our wolf-pack.

These markets are a zero-sum game, you need eyes everywhere and together we have strength in numbers, we watch out for each other, teach and learn off each other, share our ideas and our mistakes to stay strong and resilient.

This wolf-pack is about banding together to find an edge in these markets, keeping our winning strike-rate high & profitable while continuing to be humble and willing to teach others and be taught.

The markets have no room for ego, we are wolves in bulls-bears clothing and we-together hunt these markets without bias putting ego aside and analysing exactly what the charts are trying to tell us.

For those who are completely new to this world, we will teach you how to secure your purchases safely so you can rest easy at night and help you build your way up to becoming a profitable trader. And for those of you who may already be traders but feel you want a community that have your back then ChartWolves is the community for you.

With 7 years chart mileage and an eager passion to consistenly learn more every day I decided to open ChartWolves to help others make the learning process more stream-lined and personalised.


Founder, ChartWolves

Cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast, Scarlet brings¬†precise & straight to the point market updates to the community when we need them most. Keeping it simple and showing us the daily POI’s.


Weathergirl, ChartWolves

If you have any technical questions about your membership or how to navigate around the community, perhaps feeling a bit lost or even want to report a bug… he’s your wolf!


Customer Service, ChartWolves

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ChartWolves?

ChartWolves is a no B.S trading community made for traders by traders with the purpose to educate and assist you with become the most successful trader you can be! We believe we are all students and with this attitude the community is there to help and assist you no matter what your level of understanding may be. We use ‘ Discord ‘ to stay connected 24/7 to offer you support and to build relationships with other like minded members all trying to generate wealth and financial freedom from these markets!

Is this community right for me?

It doesn’t matter if you have never seen a chart before, just wanting to learn how to make your first crypto purchase or if you are a fully experienced order-flow trader wanting an avenue to have more eyes on the market. This community is a family you’re welcome to join, we don’t tolerate small minded nonsense the markets are hard enough as it is, so come and join us, we are all striving to be better, more educated and make bigger and bigger consistent gains!

Is this a Trading Educational Course?

As well as a community ChartWolves is also an on going educational course, premium membership gives you access to exclusive educational content, pre-realesed youtube videos & questions & answers sessions for those times things might just not quite click!

(In the early days as we are dripping course content + educational content out throughout the weeks you will be given an OG badge, this protects you from any future price hikes & our way of saying thank you for supporting us in our early days)

Do I need prior knowledge?

Absolutely not, like anything new it might be overwhelming starting something new but that’s the whole point of this community & step-by-step education. We are here to help everyone no matter what level of understanding they are on! Even we are also still learning as these markets are alive and evolving all the time!

Is this a fast money, calls / pump & dump group?

Nope, Sorry! If that’s what you’re after you wont find it here, we are about long term sustainable gains and for some of our members this is their income! With many eyes on the market opportunities will definitely be presented to the group, but without the education we offer & screen milage what might be a huge gainer for an experienced trader might be a massive loss for someone blindly entering the market!

What makes ChartWolves different to all the other communities?

Simply put… The Wolf Pack.

Our goal is to offer a community that is like a family, that means no tall poppy syndrome, no immaturity, no bullying or giving a select few a podium to flex. We are only as good as our weakest link and with our supportive community and no b.s moderators we want to offer you a safe place to ask the questions you might feel embarrassed about, you will even find the OG’s in the community coming in and asking questions they haven’t quite grasped.

To go further into this topic our mission is not to have a massive community, we don’t mind if we stay relatively small as we want to offer a personalised experience where we can build long lasting relationships and with the positive synergy amongst our pack we can all become highly profitable in this competitive space!

Whats the hardest thing about trading?

Psychology… Mental Maturity,

Being around markets for a long time, I have noticed that it’s not always the person who picks up technical analysis the fastest that ends up being successful. But the man/woman who can control their emotions the best.

There is one emotion that a collective group of traders will always agree to control and that emotion is ‘ greed ‘ , it’s what causes us to stray from our plan and end up losing what could have been a simple win. Time after time.

This is why we will introduce you to tight trading rules, trade journaling & a demon finder where we are able to ban ourselves from the market if we can’t drop bad habits, remember,¬† We are going up against professionals, with large money that are called market makers, they use algorithmic bots designed to hunt your stop losses and trick you into thinking the market is going to go a certain way.

With planning, maturity & rules we can minimise our risk and keep a consistent win steak to stay profitable.

How much does it cost to join?

You can see what you get & associated fee’s on the ‘ Packs ‘ page.

How do I pay? Do you take Crypto?

Join the ChartWolves pack with the following options PayPal, Swipe Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Cryptocurrency.

Is there an age limit?

We welcome all ages, it doesn’t matter if you are young or old. Trading doesn’t descriminate!

Is the content pre recorded - Is it good if I don't have much time?

Yes – Pre Recorded Snipped Straight to the point (Live Q&A’s will be done at different times on a more leisurely lengthen duration and available after for rewatch when convenient.)

This is another reason why ChartWolves is proud to boast it’s the better choice. The majority of our members have families & work long hours, they don’t have a spare 3-4 hours to listen to educational material. Our course content is edited so it’s delivered to you straight to the point. + Features to Speed Up the videos for those who don’t mind listening to a chipmunk!


Premium Member

‘ I work long hours and really wanted to get into trading/investing but I really didn’t know where to start and kept puting it off. ChartWolves have made the learning process fit so well into my busy lifestyle. ‘

~ Jarrod, 27

Premium Member

‘ I got into trading a few years ago, but after the market crashed I lost a lot of my gains and was left feeling really dishearted. I decided to seek education & found the ChartWolves community, they are so helpful and informative. ‘

~ Amy, 33

Premium Member

‘ I was brand new into crypto, I hadn’t even seen a chart before. ChartWolves quickly saved me from rookie errors by informing me how to safely secure my crypto and use stop-losses when I am trading coins. ‘

~ Steve, 21

ChartWolves - The Crypto Trading WolfPack!

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